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The ADA recommends scheduling dental appointments for babies as soon as their first tooth erupts, which usually occurs around six months of age, and no later than their first birthday. Taking your infant to the dentist is important for two reasons: oral health and acclimation.

1. Oral health

As soon as your infant’s first tooth erupts, he or she becomes susceptible to oral issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Children’s diets affect their oral health and increase the importance of visiting the dentist. Sugary drinks (even fruit juices and breast milk) can result in cavities if your infant’s teeth aren’t cleaned regularly. At Summit Village Dental, we can show you how to properly care for your infant’s oral health until he or she reaches an age of capability.

2. Acclimation

Another reason to bring your baby to the dentist is to acclimate him or her to the environment. Exposing children to dental care at a young age will help them feel comfortable going to the dentist, as well as encourage them to cultivate oral care habits. Family dentists like Jaclyn Turnbow specialize in the care and treatment of children, and will help your infant feel more at ease during the checkup.

If you have any questions about the oral health of your baby, or you would like to schedule a first-time appointment, contact Jaclyn Turnbow at 816-287-5650 or visit Summit Village Dental in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We look forward to meeting you and your little one.