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Getting a tooth knocked out of your mouth is a traumatic experience. It’s painful and can have lasting effects. If the tooth cracks or fractures the wrong way, it may not be repairable.

In cases like this, your dentist, Dr. Jaclyn Turnbow, often recommends extracting the remnants of the tooth from the socket. Later, she can start the process of replacing the knocked-out tooth with a titanium dental implant.

To do this, an oral surgeon will make a careful incision in your gums. A narrow channel will then be made in the bone and a titanium abutment will be screwed into the channel. Titanium is known for being biologically safe and will completely fuse with your natural bone to create a very solid anchor for a dental crown.

Once your gums have healed and the titanium implant has been fully integrated into the surrounding bone tissues, your dentist can go about the process of installing a crown. The material your dentist recommends for the crown will vary depending on the tooth’s visibility in your smile and its primary function in your mouth.

Dr. Jaclyn Turnbow wants to make sure that your missing tooth is replaced well. Call Summit Village Dental today to learn how we can help you. Our dentist is eager to help replace your tooth in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.