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Sometimes a chipped tooth can cause discomfort and heightened sensitivity. Other times a chipped tooth might not cause any distress at all. Unfortunately, when tooth enamel is compromised it can pose a serious long term threat to the health of the tooth.

As time goes on the chipped tooth enamel could trap tiny food particles and plaque buildup. Since the tooth has already compromised the tooth decay could quickly cause harm to the critical interior structures of the tooth.

It might be possible for Dr. Carole Gleich to repair a small chip with a basic amalgam or composite resin filling. If one or more of the teeth in your smile have minor chips or other cosmetic imperfections she might recommend having porcelain dental veneers installed onto the teeth in your smile.

If a chip is large or it has damaged the biting surface of the tooth Dr. Carole Gleich might recommend restoring the tooth enamel with a standard dental crown. This will completely replace the original tooth enamel layer to restore the full strength of the tooth.

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