Even Minor Toothache Pain Should Not Be Ignored

A slight pain that grows in your tooth over the course of days, or even weeks, might not seem immediately distressing. Even if you can manage the discomfort by taking a recommended dose of anti-inflammatory medication, you should not dismiss the message being sent by your toothache pain. In most of these cases the discomfort… Read more »

Your Teeth Age as You Age

Did you know that as you age, your teeth age with you? To help your oral health, there are some things you will need to know. That’s why our team here at in , , is eager to talk to you about how your age may affect your oral health. As we age, our teeth… Read more »

Do You Know Much About Toothpaste? Test Your Knowledge by Taking This Toothpaste Quiz

As you may already know, your oral hygiene routine is vital for a strong and healthy smile. If you don’t know everything there is to know about oral hygiene, your oral health can suffer the consequences. So, to make sure you know the best facts about toothpaste, our dentist, Dr. , has created this toothpaste… Read more »

We Offer Teeth Whitening to Brighten Your Pearly Whites

Do your pearly whites lack their usual luster? If so, you are not alone. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments in the dental field today. Because professional teeth whitening is still the most effective method of brightening your smile, our dentist, Dr. , is pleased to offer this treatment for our… Read more »

What Is the Best Way to Brush Your Teeth?

Are you taking excellent care of your oral cavity? If you desire a confident smile, you will need to begin with the basics of oral care. This includes brushing, flossing, and rinsing your smile daily. Today we would like to review the essentials of brushing your teeth properly. Let’s take a look! You want to… Read more »

What Should You Do in an Oral Emergency?

Although oral accidents and health emergencies are common, they can also be very serious and cause severe problems for your oral health and overall health too. Preparation for any accidents that may occur could be the difference in saving your beautiful smile should a problem ever occur. If you get an object stuck in your… Read more »

Facts About Halitosis

If you’ve even been around someone with halitosis, or bad breath, you know the effects of it firsthand. But are you at risk for halitosis? Or are you suffering from it right now? Here are some factors to consider if you are concerned that you might have chronic bad breath: – Do you suffer from… Read more »

The Treatment Process Involved with Restoring Your Smile With a Bridge

A dental bridge is a strong and attractive restoration that can replace your missing tooth and give you the smile you desire. If you’re interested in using this handy treatment to improve your smile and oral health, it’s time to call and schedule an appointment! If a dental bridge is right for you, you can… Read more »

Dental Anxiety Can Be Helped

Are you afraid of going to the dentist? If so, you are not alone. It is common for many people to feel nervous about going to the dentist. Here at in , , we strive in making you feel comfortable, so you know you are safe and in the best care possible to help with… Read more »

A Chipped Tooth Is Increasingly Vulnerable to Tooth Decay

Sometimes a chipped tooth can cause discomfort and heightened sensitivity. Other times a chipped tooth might not cause any distress at all. Unfortunately, when tooth enamel is compromised it can pose a serious long term threat to the health of the tooth. As time goes on the chipped tooth enamel could trap tiny food particles… Read more »